Being a celebrity in South Korea


Those of you who are interested in South Korean celebrities will already know it: they clearly seem to over-do it.

I don’t know much french celebrities who are both singers, actors, MCs and also spend their life on variety shows, reality TV shows.

Korean celebrities do it all. They have an hectic schedule, and that is without speaking about their internation activities. With the Hallyu wave (korean celebrities being also famous abroad), they spend a lot of time abroad.

They can spend two days in Thailand, then 3 days in Japan, the 2 days back in Korean, and 3 days in Singapore… And we all know that travelling is also tiring.

To the point that many of them end up passing out in the middle of an activity or in the hospital for IVs.

With all the controversies currently turning around abusive contracts, esploitation of artists etc., and more sadly with the several artists who’ve chosen suicide over living such a life, I really worry for all the artists I love.

Most of them are probably pretty happy with this life, as they’re doing a job that they love. But as a fan, can you not get worried when the artist you like passes out in the middle of a concert, or when he has lost 15 kilos (that didn’t need being lost) just because the management company decided it was better?

Maybe it’s just because I’m not used to this way of being a celebrity. Maybe it’s just because here, only a very few artists are both a singer and an actor, and often they aren’t both at the same time. But I feel like this kids have to do so much with no right to make a mistake… Are korean celebrities supermen and superwomen?


Sleeping Jaejoong




The Land of the Morning Calm?


Have you all already heard that Korean is “The Land of the Morning Calm”?

That names actually comes from hanja characters for Joseon.

The anja characters are chinese characters used in korean language with a korean pronunciation.

And if you look at the Han river in the morning, it sure does look “calm”.

Han river

But have you ever felt that this name was unappropriate to design Korea? I definitely can’t imagine Seoul being quite in the morning.

Seoul has more than 10 000 000 of unhabitants. You need a comparison? Paris has more than 2 000 000 unhabitants,  and London has more than 7 000 000.

So you need to add up London and Paris to get Seoul.

How could so many people – so many students, workers, etc.- go where then need to go without transportation? That crowded subway doesn’t look that calm to me.

Seoul subway

And I’ve also never considered traffic jams as being possibly calm.

Seoul traffic

But once again, Korea has been “The Land of the Morning Calm” since the Joseon area. Back then, traffic jams and crowded subways weren’t that much of a problem.

And a korean morning must have looked like that…

Calm morning.

I hope that one day I’ll be able to see these two sides of Korea. Knowing that The Land of the Morning Calm  has changed this much, and that it yet has kept so many traditions…

That’s part of why South Korea seems so special to me. After all, calm doesn’t mean motionless. Moving on and growing up while remaining the same… How many countries can say that they’ve managed to do so?

Welcome on Korea From France


I’m french. 100% french, with not a single drop of asian blood in me.

But I love the south korean culture. A lot. I fell in love with it through dramas and k-pop. And one day, I’ll visit South Korea.

But until then, I’ll try to share my passion with you.

What does Korea looks like in my eyes? That’s what you’ll get to know through posts about the korean culture, dramas, k-pop, news article, etc.


I hope you will enjoy it.

Thanks for your support!